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      WESCO Energy Solutions

      WESCO Energy Solutions

      WESCO Energy Solutions is a custom turnkey provider, with experts around the globe. From conception through installation, our customer-first approach leverages energy optimizing solutions such as LED lighting, networked controls, solar, smart metering, and electric vehicle chargers to help you achieve significant savings.

      WESCO Energy Solutions is committed to a customer centric approach, which allows us to champion our customers’ needs and wants with leading edge technology while considering price, performance, cost-of-maintenance, warranty, and manufacturer reliability and stability. With a single point of contact, you will be able to easily implement a complex array of energy efficient solutions that significantly lower operational expenses, achieve sustainability goals, and future-proof your facility.

      Our Solutions and Capabilities


      WESCO Energy Solutions specializes in turnkey lighting retrofits that fully support you from site auditing, planning, and design, to installation and rebates. With our customer-centric approach and extensive manufacturer relationships, we always select the best fixtures for your project.??

      WESCO Energy Solutions can help you create a customized solution for your specific needs and budget. We are experienced in both LED upgrades and specialized lighting like?UV disinfection.


      WESCO Energy Solutions has a networked controls team to provide customized solutions that meet your unique needs and goals while fully integrating your system. The team will assess controls strategies, potential energy and cost savings, LEED certification, energy benchmarking, and system agnostics.

      Smart Metering

      We stand as your go-to solutions provider to create a smarter infrastructure using leading-edge technologies.?Smart meters enable a broad range of remote monitoring capabilities, provide analytics to help companies optimize their energy consumption, as well as, user alerts and notifications to detect issues quickly.


      We utilize the latest in renewable technology and can advise you on the best application (canopy over parking lot or garage, roof-mounted, ground-mounted, ballasted, fixed, etc.) for your site and project goals. A solar installation will cut your current electricity costs and provide clean energy into the future.

      Electric Vehicle Charging

      Offering a wide selection of EV charging options, we can accommodate any installation need. EV charging helps businesses attract and retain customers, tenants, and employees, in addition to supporting sustainability goals.

      Our Approach to Managing Energy and Reducing Cost

      Surveys And Audits

      WES specializes in investment-grade audits that establish a baseline of energy consumption and allow us to create the most energy-efficient design based on specific needs.

      Systems Design

      Our turnkey solutions and proposals can include full photometric analysis, 3D rendering and CAD layouts for reflected ceiling plans based on scope of project.


      We conduct an analysis of all available rebates and incentives, tailor the project to maximize funds wherever possible, and deliver a projected rebate and incentive report. Upon approval, we manage the paperwork and process on your behalf.


      Regional Contractor Management

      WES maintains a strong network of qualified partners to perform installation – all under the supervision of our project managers and coordinators to ensure efficient work, clear access and daily progress reporting.


      We partner with premier, industry-leading suppliers to deliver the most trusted brands in the industry. This allows our procurement experts to make sure all materials are vetted, ordered and delivered on schedule while delivering tangible value to your bottom line.

      Regulations And Certifications

      We work with our customers to obtain all required certificates, licenses, and permits. Team members are current on all new legislation, codes and statutes affecting the project. WES is a licensed contractor in all 50 states and maintains contractor resources around the globe.

      A Partner You Can Rely On

      WESCO Energy Solutions offers an unparalleled level of support, expertise, and experience that can help maximize the effectiveness of your project:

      • Review and assess your needs and goals
      • Energy usage audit or survey
      • Report on optional solutions at various price points
      • Recommendations and budget planning
      • Rebate/grant opportunities and management
      • Complete installation and commissioning
      • Performance reporting